Lesbian Couple’s Home + Car Tagged With Slurs. And Then Their Flower Shop Was Burned Down

Lindsay Curnow and Juliet Leigh, a lesbian couple whose floral business Blooming Bulbs was attacked by arsonists Saturday night in an anti-gay arson attack, a week after their own house and car was tagged with anti-gay graffiti, says the Mangawhai Heads community in New Zealand has come to their aid. The attack on their house, which was spray painted with phrases like “dirty dikes [sic],” was apparently just a warning; a shed that contained their supplies for the season was torched just days later after they arrived home and were watching a TV show. The fire has upended their ability to stay in business.

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  • scott ny'er

    How terrible. And I bet religious brainwashing was behind the culprits motivation. And I thought New Zealand was a nice play to live.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    This is so Sad…people can be so mean….I was expecting to read that this had happened here in the U.S….I was very surprised to find it had happened in New Zealand…..I’ve always thought people there were more open minded and intelligent.

  • Francis

    New Zealand is cool in Auckland and Wellington, I would know as a good friend of mine is from Auckland. It’s supposedly bad in Christchurch. Supposedly this happened in a small town south of Auckland, and was committed by one deranged middle aged man. They say that they have gotten great support from their community after the incident.

    One incident doesn’t mean the entire place is bad, but it does mean that there are some extremely ignorant, fearful and hateful people, who are getting more emboldened as LGBT folk come out of the closet more. I’m surprised that hate crimes have gone down in the US because I expect a rise in anti-gay hate crimes as we get more attention and gain more public support in some of these countries and make our voices heard.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Very sad news. Is there any fund set up to help them?

  • extremething

    dumbheads are everywhere
    one of my friend is lez, it doesn’t mean she hate men. its just her personal sex life.

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