Altoids, Showtime Host Virtual Pride

Lesbians Get A Second Life

It’s a cross-promotion orgy in realistic unreality Second Life, where Showtime and Altoids have teamed up for a virtual, pirate-themed pride parade. As you can see, the mints and the media came together to celebrate lesbianism in all its blessed forms.

…For all of June, Altoids, with the assistance of The WDDG in coordination with Electric Sheep, will be running “Gay Pride Month @ L-Word Island” in everybody’s favorite virtual world. Events include a carnival, a date auction, gay prom and two massive parades that sync with the LA, New York and SF ones on our side of reality.

Alright, we’re all about gay pride, but do we really need to have one in a make believe world? Also, why are Second Life lesbians pirates? We thought gay men stole that title long ago.

Check out some “pictures” from the illusory event.