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Let’s Hope No Gays Working For Jackson, MI Want Shared Healthcare Benefits

Ohio’s Crystal Dixon — who was fired in 2008 from her University of Toledo human resources vice president gig for writing a letter to the Toledo Free Press denouncing “those choosing the homosexual lifestyle” as fake “civil rights victims” because “daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle” — will begin work April 24 as the head of Jackson county and city’s newly merged human resources department in Michigan. She will earn $87,030 per year, or about $2.66 per county resident. [This post erroneously placed Jackson in Ohio; it is in Michigan.]

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  • TMikel

    Well, I dare say it was predictable that this hate filled bigoted individual would find refuge in some bureaucratic position. but as the head of the Jackson County and city’s merged human rights department? What a travesty!

  • M.

    Jackson is in Michigan, not Ohio. And it’s the human resources department, not human rights department. Either way, it’s ridiculous.

  • John

    “those choosing the homosexual lifestyle”


    [PDF] H-Y Antigen and Homosexuality in Men

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    fake “civil rights victims”


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    “daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle”


    ex-gay documentary


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    LGBT rights in Ohio


  • John

    Re No. 3 Change…

    LGBT rights in Ohio


    LGBT rights in Michigan

  • the crustybastard

    Thousands of gay people quit being gay every day?

  • Tx12345

    If you have an issue with this e-mail her new boss. [email protected]

  • Corey

    Change it so that it says Michigan. I’m from Jackson, Ohio, and I haven’t heard about any of this. Besides, it’s rural redneck country… far cry from Toledo. Although, the 2.66 does add up considering there are 32K+ people in Jackson county.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Michigan has already made hatred for gays part of their state mantra (not that Ohio is any better). Why is anyone shocked that this badly blushed bigot would be given a salary and position in which she can gleefully hate on gay citizens?

  • Bill

    The oppressed becoming the oppressor. . . her karma is set in stone.

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