Lithuanian Foreign Minister Calls Out Nation’s Anti-Gay Ways

As a member of the European Union, Lithuania’s meant to treat all its citizens with respect. Unfortunately, the nation’s leaders don’t always agree and have on more than one occassion found themselves embroiled in gay scandal. Take, for example, the capital city Vilnius mayor’s repeated prohibition of gay pride. Or how about when they banned the European Union’s gay bus from parking on government property? That was some bullshit, for sure.

Sick and tired of representing a homophobic country, Lithuanian foreign minister Petras Vaitiekunas spoke out against his nation’s anti-gay ways this week:

…Vaitiekunas told the national parliament Monday that the country’s reputation for homophobia was justified. “This is true: Lithuania is one of the most homophobic countries in the EU. This has to be viewed as a fact,” Vaitiekunas said.

“The situation cannot be changed by any one party or minister,” Vaitiekunas said, adding that it would likely take a “change of generations” to develop a more tolerant attitude toward homosexuality in Lithuania.

Or perhaps more people like Vaitiekunas. Or, dare we say, more involvement from the European Union, which should really be holding its members accountable for their actions.