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Local Electrician Welcomes Annise Parker’s Houston Mayoral Race With Bigoted Flyer Campaign

As expected, Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker is on the receiving end of an attack campaign. But this one isn’t from the Houston Area Pastor Council, which is planning a religious-based assault. Instead, the 35,000 homes that will receive a flyer lambasting Parker come from Dave Wilson, an electrician. Then again, Wilson turns to his Christian faith in finding a reason to oppose the candidate.

Seeing Parker, currently the city controller, with her lesbian partner isn’t an image Wilson wants to see, he says. And yet he’s the one distributing that very image!

It’s unclear whether the flyers will have any effect in mobilizing Houston’s conservatives, and how long it will take HPAC to follow up.

But one thing is for sure: The campaign relies entirely on Parker’s sexuality. “Just because Annise Parker is a lesbian doesn’t make her qualified to be Mayor of Houston,” the flyer reads. And he’s right. Just because she’s a lesbian doesn’t make her qualified. But it doesn’t disqualify her, either.



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