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Local Electrician Welcomes Annise Parker’s Houston Mayoral Race With Bigoted Flyer Campaign

As expected, Houston mayoral candidate Annise Parker is on the receiving end of an attack campaign. But this one isn’t from the Houston Area Pastor Council, which is planning a religious-based assault. Instead, the 35,000 homes that will receive a flyer lambasting Parker come from Dave Wilson, an electrician. Then again, Wilson turns to his Christian faith in finding a reason to oppose the candidate.

Seeing Parker, currently the city controller, with her lesbian partner isn’t an image Wilson wants to see, he says. And yet he’s the one distributing that very image!

It’s unclear whether the flyers will have any effect in mobilizing Houston’s conservatives, and how long it will take HPAC to follow up.

But one thing is for sure: The campaign relies entirely on Parker’s sexuality. “Just because Annise Parker is a lesbian doesn’t make her qualified to be Mayor of Houston,” the flyer reads. And he’s right. Just because she’s a lesbian doesn’t make her qualified. But it doesn’t disqualify her, either.



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  • Dave

    You can totally tell a real (gay) designer did not make that flier.

  • martin

    I noticed that the two non-gay reasons why she shouldn’t be mayor don’t have listed sources. I guess disinformation goes hand in hand with hysteria.

  • PopSnap

    Hopefully she’ll win. Having openly gay conservatives is one of the best things we could do right now for our movement IMHO, because it will show we cant just be grouped in with “environmentalist atheist treehugging hippies”. In fact, the issue of gay conservatives and the way they are treated in our community must be addressed. My friend is a gay conservative and he gets “Hurrr jewish nazi” a lot… from his fellow gays. Appalling.

  • BobP

    I think that gay conservatives are the gay community’s dirty little secret.
    You do nothing to further our cause, but benefit from all the work the rest of us do. Shame on you. How you can align yourselves with a group who wants to deny us our rights is revolting.

  • reason


    Annise Parker is not a conservative, she is a democrat. People seem to think Texas is a deep red state but it is not, Obama won 46% of the vote. Texas has had democratic governors before the George Bush revolution and has voted for a democratic president. Houston is a democratic city, although the suburb that I was raised in and most of the others are conservative though we can’t vote in Houston elections. Interestingly enough the other story Queerty has about the kid getting beat with the pipe is in my school district. The elections in Houston are a little different. Five people ran for the mayoral election, three democrats, one republican, and one socialist. Annise came out on top and the African American candidate Gene Locke came in a close second. Now there is a runoff between Parker and Locke both democrats: the Republican candidate came second from last behind all three democrats with 20% and ahead of the socialist who only got 1%. The campaigns were very civil granted the previous democrat term limited mayors have been fairly popular and the current contestants mostly support the same policies. Now that the republican has been eliminated the hard right doesn’t have a home, but since Parker happens to be a lesbian they are attacking her. It is nice to know that whoever ends up winning they are not homophobic, but the homophobic right-wing conservatives may play a role.

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