The hole story

Local newspaper’s major Julia Roberts typo goes viral

This Pretty Woman is getting prettier all over, apparently! The Post-Journal, a daily newspaper serving Jamestown, New York, just unleashed a hell of a typo on its 21,000-plus subscribers. In a recent issue, an Associated Press story about Julia Roberts’ recent TV and film performances is headlined:

“Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age”

We should all be so lucky.

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The original headline for the AP story can be seen in its original, safe-for-work state on the New York Times website: “Julia Roberts Finds Life (and Her Roles) Get Better With Age.”

Yes, someone at The Post-Journal deleted the parentheses but then also, inexplicably, changed that vital “R” to an “H.”

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The newspaper later issued a correction, but the damage was done. Twitter is currently reading The Post-Journal for filth, not for news.

Suffice it to say, some hapless Post-Journal employee had a tough day at the orifice office.