Log Cabin Republican Director: Bradley Manning’s DADT Defense Akin To “‘Gay Panic’ Defense By A Murderer”

If he’s guilty, Manning not only violated security protocol and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, he violated the trust of his colleagues, the Army and his countrymen. Now that he prepares to stand trial, he has shown himself to be willing to sacrifice honorable gay and lesbian servicemembers to avoid responsibility.

Lawyers for Manning are claiming that his struggle with his sexual orientation contributed to emotional problems that should have precluded him from working in a classified environment. This shameful defense is an offense to the tens of thousands of gay servicemembers who served honorably under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

We all served under the same law, with the same challenges and struggles. We did not commit treason because of it…

To justify misbehavior in the workplace because of minority status is detrimental to the morale and performance of others. For Manning’s legal counsel at Fort Meade, MD, to suggest that his orientation and/or gender identity be part of a defense or excuse for misbehavior is as unacceptable as the use of a ‘gay panic’ defense by a murderer.”

Log Cabin Republican executive director Capt. R. Clarke Cooper, on Bradley Manning possibly claiming stress from DADT made him leak military documents, in a Stars and Stripes opinion piece. Cooper is a strategic intelligence officer in the Army Reserve with a Top Secret/SCI clearance.