Madonna’s Outtakes From Her All-Time Greatest Music Video Have Surfaced

Vogue-3-madonna-31380619-816-1123Madonna has sprung another leak. Unlike last year’s devastating and criminal release of demos from her album Rebel Heart by some dumb ass hacker in Israel who’s going to prison for 14 months for stealing and selling the unreleased songs, or last year’s release of unretouched photos from a shoot for Interview magazine (you know heads rolled over that one), there’s nothing too embarrassing about this one. A few seconds of outtakes from the stylish David Fincher-directed clip for her 1990 megahit “Vogue,” AKA the greatest music video ever made, have surfaced. The footage shows the superstar, with hair styled slightly differently than in the finished product, flanked by backup singers-dancers Donna DeLory and Niki Haris going through a routine without the rest of the dance troupe who’d join Madge on her triumphant Blond Ambition tour later that year.

Perhaps this is just a teaser for the Holy Grail of everything related to her Madgesty and the legendary lost footage from Truth or Dare, the documentary about that famed tour, will finally surface in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed that Liz Rosenberg came across an unmarked box while clearing out her office.


When it rains, it pours (and we hope it never stops): Now nearly 30 abso-fucking-lutely stunning minutes of B-roll from the filming of the “Vogue” video have surfaced. Check out Madonna at the very peak of her untouchable fame below and pray there’s more to come.


Watch the outtakes below and further down watch the full, original version because you should never pass up an invitation to let your body go with the flow, you know you can do it.