Mainstream Media Companies Won’t Touch This Documentary That Needs To Be Made

We are totally transfixed by Pier Kids: The Life, a documentary about homeless queer kids living around the Christopher Street Pier.

Or at least, that’s what it will be if it ever gets made. “Elegance, our director has taken the film to several huge mainstream media companies who have all basically told him the same thing: It’s an important film, but it is not important enough to warrant financial backing,” write the film’s crew.

So they’re turning to Kickstarter, and they’re halfway to their modest $30,000 goal. It’s easy to see why people are chipping in: the clips of footage already shot are absolutely must-watch. Like Paris is Burning, these subjects have grabbed us and we cannot stop thinking about them.

Among the subjects: DeSean, who finally met his birth mother when we has 15, only to be kicked out of her house when he came out. And Casper, who was killed under suspicious circumstances during the making of the documentary. and Krystal, who at sixteen has been homeless in more cities than some people have ever even visited.

These aren’t grizzled dangerous criminals. They’re young people. Kids! And any one of us could have been born into a family that would do to us what theirs did to them. Now would be a good time to hop over to that Kickstarter, and then to call your loving parents if you’re lucky enough to have some.