Major League Baseball’s Only Openly Gay Umpire Describes Life After Coming Out

dalescott90185589Last December, Dale Scott took a leap of faith and decided to come out publicly as gay. It’s a big decision for anyone to make, but as an umpire for Major League Baseball, Dale was risking potential backlash on and off the field. Homophobia in sports has come a long way, but the problem still persists.

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But when a magazine decided to profile his life and career, Dale didn’t feel right about omitting his long-term relationship with Michael Rausch. A photo of the two arm in arm described them as “longtime companions.”

In an interview with OutSports shortly after, Dale said:

“The first 10 years of my Major League umpire career, I would have been horrified if a story had come out that I was gay.”

So what’s life like for Dale six months later? We’re thrilled to report that his update couldn’t be better.

In a followup with OutSportshe said:

“The reaction has been business as usual.

Since spring training I’ve had two players and one base coach congratulate me for being honest about who I am, but that’s been it.

The lack of reaction says a lot to me, that we’re getting closer and closer to an announcement like this being no news as all, the way it should be.”

He also spoke of being contacted by a closeted 17-year-old who wants to be an umpire. The teen said Dale’s story inspired him to believe that his own sexual orientation won’t be a barrier in fulfilling his dreams.

Dale took him out to lunch to offer advice and added, “He’s got a great head on his shoulders, I was glad to have met him. It is still very humbling to hear from people who say my story has given them more confidence in their lives.”

From the looks of it, Dale has quite the head on his shoulders as well.

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