Male Model Max Emerson Dishes On Life Before Flashbulbs, Growing Up In Redneck Florida

max-emerson-male-model-02Openly gay male model and Instagram star Max Emerson has written a “young adult mem-novel” about life before becoming one of the hottest International male models.

According to the Kickstarter page he’s set up to fund it, “Hot Sissy, Life Before Flashbulbs” is Running With Scissors meets Less Than Zero, “witch 90% more fistfights.”

Though it’s unclear whether Max’s famous shirtless selfies will illustrate the story, he’s offering unique one-of-a-kind polaroid shots for project backers who pledge $100 or more.

More on “Hot Sissy”, from Max:

It’s a first person, present tense narrative that stumbles from ages fifteen to eighteen dealing with contemporary friendship, bullying, sexual identity, violence, drug abuse, awkwardly risky sex and other downright apocalyptic behavior. Through redneck parties, alternative schools and countless close calls with the police, Hot Sissy deals with the journey of seeking that fast fleeting sense of self-satisfaction and acceptance.

“Hot Sissy” will be available to read on Amazon and iBooks when it’s finished, but the project mainly aims to create 500 copies of a “very special, VERY limited edition” that will include exclusive photos from famous photographers. And if you know anything about Max’s work with famous photographers, you’d know to expect some very risqué material.

So dump your Haterade down the drain and hear Max out in his Kickstarter plea below. After that, go watch him hump a couch completely naked while you get your wallet out.

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