Male Teacher Arrested For Posing As A Girl To Lure Boys Into Facebook Relationships

zacharyreederA history teacher at an all-boys Catholic school was arrested Saturday after posing as a girl on Facebook in order to solicit sexually explicit pictures from underage boys.

According to O.C. Varsity, 30-year-old Zachary Reeder is married and has a daughter. He was charged with lewd conduct with a child, possession and distribution of child pornography and child annoyance.

Reeder has worked at Servite High School in Anaheim, California since 2008, where he serves as director of basketball operations. He also coached boys varsity and junior varsity baseball at Beckman High School, as well as boys junior varsity basketball at Capistrano Valley Christian.

While authorities don’t believe Reeder met any of his alleged victims offline, they are trying to determine if he used his job to target them. Several of his victims have been identified, including one boy as young as 14 years old.

Reeder was held on a $1 million bond and appeared in court Monday. His arraignment is scheduled for March 11.

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  • pierre

    Oh great. Fox News and the right wingnuts will have a field-day with this.

  • Chad Hunt

    I wish all of these “homosexual” cites, including Queerty, would stop reporting about pedophiles. Most pedophiles identify as heterosexual. How can we ever expect the mainstream media to stop lumping us together when we do it ourselves. This man is married, and has children. I understand that does not mean he isn’t gay but what also needs to be understood is that because he solicited pics from boys does not mean for sure that he “IS” gay. He is a pedophile clear and simple.

  • Raquel Santiago

    oh great another one to try and ruin our reputations. Just what we need another player a few tomatoes short of a fruit salad.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    If he posed as an Idaho potato he would have never been caught.

  • Will L

    Yeah, so many of these sick pedophiles hide as straight. When will people realize that those who identify as gay are the LEAST of their worries.

    And, 1EqualityUSA, that was SO tacky. :) LOL

  • MickeyP.

    I also don’t like these stories put on any LGBT sites. This sick bastard is STRAIGHT,but you just know this is somehow going to cause us idiotic backlash. No matter if they say he is married with kids,just the fact that he pursued boys is going to give the bigots out there something to say about us.

  • Harley

    Most pediafiles identify as straight and are therefore perfect boyscout troop leaders. The OUT gay men don’t molest kids. Lest we forget Jerry Sanduscjy, Tom Foley, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard, ad naseum………..all str8(?) men……..

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