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Man In Dubai Gets 1 Year In Prison For Gay Relationship

In Dubai, it’s a crime to have consensual gay sex. And if you’re caught, the penal code allows up to 10 years in prison.

So a Belgian who was recently arrested in the emirate got lucky—he was only sentenced one year in prison and then will be deported. then is getting deported. His illicit relationship was discovered by authorities when his Filipino lover fell from their apartment window.

From Pink News:

The Filipino man died last September after telling a passer-by who came to his aid that he had been thrown from the window by his partner, a 24-year-old Belgian man.

But the Belgian told police his partner had thrown himself out of the window having locked himself in the kitchen after an argument.

Rather than pursue a murder charge, the case was referred to the Dubai Misdemeanor Court, which sentenced the Belgian man to a year in prison for having had a gay relationship with the deceased man.

Unbelievable. When a case for murder isn’t likely, why not just accuse the suspect of being homosexual? That’ll guarantee a prison term. Way to go, Dubai.

This follows a case from last month where two men were sentenced to three months in the slammer for “fondling” in a car.

Photo Credit: Titoni Thomas

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  • Chris

    Why so uptight about this being a false accusation? Belgian man and a Filipino? Helloooooo

    My initial interpretation was this:
    DMC: “10 years for a gay relationship, but you killed the other one so we’ll let you off on 9 of those years. Good job now stop being queer!”

  • samwise

    If there’s one reason why I would never travel to Dubai, it’s this one.

  • Marjorie 0120

    He is fortunate that they have such lax laws, in some Muslim countries he would have faced stoning or some other deadly punishment.

  • jason

    A lot of our liberal friends travel to Dubai and give money to the Dubai government. Think about it.

  • TJ

    @ Jason
    EXACTLY! I’ve been saying every gay should adopt a zero tolerance policy on homophobia in our personal and professional lives for years.

  • jj

    I go to dubai. You just have to stay at an all inclusive hotel. They don’t care what you do. Its a messed up country but the weathers great and so is the shopping.

  • Spike

    Oh dear GOD, memo to Atlantis Cruises, please don’t schedule any cruises to Dubai, cuz you know there will be at least one couple, probably from Palm Springs, that will fuck on the balcony while in port. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA.

  • shannon


  • Larry

    some dumb ass americans from palm springs will probably get caught fucking on a balcony and then be shocked because they are being persecuted and after all they were in a deluxe suite

  • villa viper

    Inter-racial relationships NEVER work!! Gay men throwing Asian Queens out the damn windows!!

  • Samir

    I lived in dubai for over 6 years with my bf, never had any such problem, anything u do behind closed doors no one cares, infact the gay scene/life is rocking in dubai, be it the jumeirah open beach whr every eve after 10 atleast 200 gay men take a dip and have sex in the water, there are now atleast 3 major clubs that hosts gay parties(discreetly of course) I have myself hosted pvt parties where u can do anything u want, even orgy, in rare cases such things come to light, there are lot of filipinos in dubai and I have yet to come across a manly one.

  • Belize

    @jason: “A lot of our liberal friends travel to Dubai and give money to the Dubai government. Think about it.”

    Not more than the conservative ones who crave for construction contracts among other things. I’d tell you to think about it… but then again, that might be too much of a request for people like you. I wouldn’t want you to overload your system. :)

  • AG

    Moscow authorities have banned the gay parad.Eto very good!

  • AG

    Pederasts, we will wet you.

  • AG

    You don’t have a place on the earth.

  • AG

    You are freaks.

  • AG


  • AG

    Russian hate pederasts.

  • AG

    Ass at you full of holes.

  • AG

    suck away at an elephant, the pederast.

  • Spike

    @AG: “Ass at you full of holes.” Wow, never heard that one before. Keep up the posts, they are entertaining, albeit short on intelligence!

  • Danny

    @jj: Just curious but why? Do you have to go there for your job? Or do you choose to go as a tourist? If the latter, why voluntarily spend tourist dollars in a nation that would punish you just for being who you are (and I get that people are saying they mostly don’t care what you do behind closed doors, but obviously they will still prosecute for this law if so inclined).

    At the risk of sounding like I’m lecturing, I only spend my hard earned tourism dollars in nations that I know are gay friendly, and I don’t know why other gay people (and straight allies) wouldn’t do the same. Would you vacation in a nation that prosecuted Jewish people just for being Jewish, whether or not you yourself were Jewish?

  • Villainguy

    I lived in Dubai and still go to Dubai quite often for work and holiday (I’m from The Netherlands BTW). Yes, the county has some major issues. But as JJ said the weather and shopping are great things. The country in itself is something to see. I mind my business, am discreet and for the past 10 years I’ve never had an issue. And that includes the 3 years I’ve lived there. I want to see the world. That also includes the not so nice places. Every country has issues on some level. Some more serious than others. If I was to avoid them all, I might as well stay home. This is my opnion. Everyone else is entitled to theirs and I respect that. Cheers!

  • Villainguy

    I understand your point. But working in the travel industry I have to say that some people don’t care about those issues… gay or straight. Not that they are uncaring or something, but it’s just not something that would sway their decision to go or not to go to a certain place at all. And yes, you do have people that make a decision based upon such issues. I have people whom refused to go to go Jamaica, Iran etc. To each his/her own I guess.

  • MKisNE

    Hmm yeah that seems a little murderish. I’m not a cop but I’m guessing their investigation skills are lax.

  • AG

    @Spike: You didn’t know, what pederasts have asses full of holes? As you lived all this time.

  • Spike

    @AG: What language are you speaking? I’m hoping Google translator will help in figuring out what you are trying to say . . . pederasts have asses full of holes? No clue.

  • Aussie Ron

    Look, the question is: Why would any self-respecting gay person even want to go to Dubai? They more than hate us.

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