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Man In Dubai Gets 1 Year In Prison For Gay Relationship

In Dubai, it’s a crime to have consensual gay sex. And if you’re caught, the penal code allows up to 10 years in prison.

So a Belgian who was recently arrested in the emirate got lucky—he was only sentenced one year in prison and then will be deported. then is getting deported. His illicit relationship was discovered by authorities when his Filipino lover fell from their apartment window.

From Pink News:

The Filipino man died last September after telling a passer-by who came to his aid that he had been thrown from the window by his partner, a 24-year-old Belgian man.

But the Belgian told police his partner had thrown himself out of the window having locked himself in the kitchen after an argument.

Rather than pursue a murder charge, the case was referred to the Dubai Misdemeanor Court, which sentenced the Belgian man to a year in prison for having had a gay relationship with the deceased man.

Unbelievable. When a case for murder isn’t likely, why not just accuse the suspect of being homosexual? That’ll guarantee a prison term. Way to go, Dubai.

This follows a case from last month where two men were sentenced to three months in the slammer for “fondling” in a car.

Photo Credit: Titoni Thomas