Marcus Bachmann’s Ex-Gay Clinic – The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Abuse To Gay Teens)

GOP Presidential candidate Michele “rape clown” Bachmann is very proud of supporting slavery. She’s also proud of her husband Marcus “gay voice” Bachmann’s ex-gay clinic where he cons insecure teens to “pray away the gay.”

Now the mainstream media are beginning to pay attention and we couldn’t be any happier.Especially since NBC News has also revealed Bachmann’s clinic had taken $137,000 in federal Medicaid, something Michele has also spoken against in the past.

Keep on riding that crazy train Michele. And thanks to Truth Wins Out, Wayne Becker, and Queerty boyfriend of the week John M. Becker for helping break the story.

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  • Owen

    You know, besides her being CRAZY, do we really want to trust our nation to a woman who’s perception is not even deep enough to notice she’s married to a BIG OL’ GIRL???

  • Michael in Toronto

    Answer the damn question, you poor excuse for a human being!

  • gregger

    It’s truly amazing that middle America (or is it Ummmmurika?) is so stupid, not just willfully ignorant, that they take this bitch seriously. With her inability to answer a direct question, inability to admit a mistake, inability to read before she signs something, inability to understand that lifestyles other than her’s are not “bondage” or “slavery” she makes a shit choice for a leader let alone anything other than an inmate at an asylum. On top of that she’s married to man that’s a bigger lady than Joe Salmonese.

  • randy

    If jobs is what concerns Iowa, then why does she insist on talking about gays so much? And she signed a pledge that homosexuality is a choice!

    Make up your mind about what’s important to you, bitch!

  • randy

    Truth is, what can she say? She isn’t going to admit the truth, and she does’t want to lie. But this performance is an indication of a Bachman Administration — refuse to answer uncomfortable questions.

  • asdSR

    I believe you have a typo in your headline. It should read “Michele Bachmann is proud of her hubby’s ex-gay clinic.” Not “Marcus Bachmann is proud of her hubby’s ex-gay clinic.”

  • Henning

    Her belief that homosexuality is purely evil and gays are possessed by demons stems from a conversation she supposedly had with God when she walked through a local park before a voting session about a gay issue .

    The PARK is the clue for MY belief that it wasn´t really the Christian version of God
    but rather a tree spirit trying to be funny by disguising itself as a God and ill advising her about gay-facts !….they aaaaaaalways do that…

    Park = Tees + Michelle Bachmann + Gullibility MAKES the perfect victim for a tree sprit´s prank !

    You better believe because it is religion ! :-P

  • B

    No. 5 · randy wrote, “Truth is, what can she say? She isn’t going to admit the truth, and she does’t want to lie. But this performance is an indication of a Bachmann Administration — refuse to answer uncomfortable questions.”

    All candidates learn that they are supposed to “stay on message”. That’s what she was trying to do. What makes her look so bad is that she is doing it very clumsily.

    She wants to talk about “jobs” because opinion polls or focus-group studies have indicated that talking about jobs will increase the vote in her favor. The press wants to talk about what’s going on in the “family business” because a story about that will attract more viewers. Bachmann apparently hasn’t learned how to redirect the discussion without making it so obvious that she is trying to do that.

  • ewe

    Bachman is pushing “gender creative” dogma like so many other homophobic bigots.

  • Zach

    Shoot this bitch. Seriously tyrannicide is always justified.

  • Jeffree

    This story is still exploding bigtime across TV, print, radio & the blogosphere (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NPR, PBS, Assoc. Press, Salon, you name it). Wayne Besen from Truth Wins Out was on MSNBC & did a great job. (I’ll add that he’s handsome, too)

    FOX, true to form, considers Marcus a “vïctim” of an “undercover sting,” but that was easy to predict because, y’know, he’s such “jôb creator”!.

    This is one sëcret of theirs that won’t stay in the closet…..

    p.s. @Daniel V: I think you wrote “Wayne Becker” then”Benson” instead of “Besen” in the tags I’m usually in no position to critique anyone’s spelling, but names are important.

  • Tony

    So has anyone asked Michelle if her husband has gone through the “treatment”??? I think that’s one of the main reasons she is refusing to talk about this. She doesn’t want that question.

  • I Mean What

    Based on all the gay bashing that is coming out of the Bachmann camp (besides the modeling one) it is up to the gay community to put the kibosh on Michele Bachmann’s campaign once and for all. Let us call this Michele Bachmann’s Anita Bryant moment. Who can we boycott!

  • Jack E. Jett

    John Becker is an excellent spokesperson. His bit of work, which cost virtually nothing, will be of more value than GLAAD or HRC combined and we didn’t even have to purchase a dried baked chicken dinner at a rate of $2000 a plate.

  • JoeyO'H

    I believe it’s safe to say that Marcus was the first patient? And I don’t think he’s cured.

    How can won be cured of a “disease” that does not exist? People like Bachmann use their incredible thirst for hatred of others unlike them to somehow further their agendas and their lame piltical careers. However, I don’t feel (I know this may sound zany) that the entire country is feeling like she does. I know there is a lot of hate crimes, “faggot” calling, especially amongst sports figures. I just don’t feel everyone is like the Bachmann’s. I guess I hold out hope that attitudes, human rights, will continue to sway in out direction despite hate mongers like this woman and her effeminate husband.

    Michelle Bachmann will choke, crash and burn on her own vile hatred vocabulary.
    She makes Sarah Plain appear likeable.

  • JoeyO'H

    I meant “How can one be cured?” not “won be cured?”

  • MattGMD

    Michele quite probably underestimates what “America cares about.” I bet many of those supporting and tentatively supporting her have yet to see or hear Marcus. Hopefully the media gives this some traction and the husband gets some exposure. Sorry to say but the right wing religionists won’t likely give Bachman a pass on her big feminine teddy bear of a husband.

  • Chris Vogel

    There is another problem with “treatments” to change homosexuality: they don’t work (apart from doing a lot of harm, which may be their real intention). For a decade, I researched this “therapy”, both done in medical environments, such as “aversion therapy”, and the various religious regimes, for the Council on Homosexuality and Religion. A first indication of their failure is readily available in the tracts which many of the victims write. They are, all of them, still ‘struggling’ with their homosexuality. In other words, they are not “ex” anything. And, it doesn’t last–the paper tracts are more durable. In both kinds of “therapy”, the averagel shelf life seems to be about six months. This was all confirmed by interviews with those who had undergone these “therapies”. There are many, many more ex-ex-gays than there are those still pretending to have been changed, and these, of course, are vastly outnumbered by the many homosexuals happily leading homosexual lives and in homosexual relationships. Further evidence is available from the admissions by ‘therapists’ such as Charles Socariades and Master and Johnson, who were obliged to admit that they could refer other therapists and journalists to no examples of successful therapy. These “therapists'” claims of success turned out to be based on patients who had disappeared or had never existed. It is perhaps uncharitable to say of these “therapies” that they are frauds, but that will be the judgement of history.

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