Marjorie Taylor Greene might want to delete this video before it’s too late


Marjorie Taylor Greene appears to be kicking off an 18-year-old activist in a now-viral video taken outside the Capitol on Thursday afternoon.

For some incomprehensible reason, Greene was the one who shared the clip.

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The Washington Post reports that Greene was “at first appearing to step on demonstrator Marianna Pecora’s foot” and then “appearing to intentionally draw back her foot and aim for Pecora’s leg.”

“Oh my God,” Pecora says in the clip.

Ok, we’re guessing there weren’t any injuries, but it’s still not a good look!

Pecora is the deputy communications director of the Gen. Z group Voters of Tomorrow and was with the group’s executive director, Santiago Mayer, when the alleged kick happened.

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Mayer said they’re considering pressing charges — “we’re talking to our legal team and keeping our options open.”

In an emailed statement, Voters of Tomorrow added:

“Far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has spent her time in office launching attacks against our democracy and the young people who will soon inherit it. This afternoon, she took her offenses to another level, as she physically and verbally attacked members of our team. In addition to yelling at our Executive Director, a Mexican immigrant, to ‘go to another country,’ she physically assaulted another young staffer. Gen Z is fed up with politicians who continue to put our lives in danger, and this aggression is one of the most visible examples yet of what we are up against.”

And of course, the kick tweets are piling up….

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