Marriage Money

Marriage Equality Could Add Millions To Utah’s Economy


One of the biggest “duh” factors for the right to gay marriage at the state level is that it generally brings lots of coin to the coffers of states that have approved it, and a report studying the newest equality battleground state is proving that fact.

Associated Press is reporting that marriage equality in Utah would bring an estimated 15.5 million dollars to the state over the first three years.

The California-based, LGBT-focused think tank The Williams Institute just released their findings and estimated that of the $15.5 million, $12 million would go to actual wedding planning details in the state itself and the remainder of the $3.5 million would come from out of town visitors to the big gay nuptials.

Things are a pretty dicey mess in the state right now when it comes to same-sex marriage. Though a lower court in Utah struck down the ban on marriage equality back in December, the state has recently challenged that choice and a decision is pending.

Equality advocates obviously hope that the report will help push things in the right direction in Utah, and even the Williams Institute researchers behind it admit that their estimates are conservative and could be even higher than initially reported.

We’ve actually visited Utah (seriously), and found the state surprisingly serene and quite gorgeous. Our crystal ball shows quite a few double bride and double groom wedding photos with those beautiful mountains in the background, but that can never happen without a ruling.

Get a move on it Utah, because we could definitely see you turning into a destination for Big Gay Weddings from across the country.