Marvel’s X-Men Tackle DOMA’s Assault On Binational Gay Couples

Astonishing X-Men made mainstream headlines this summer when Jean-Paul Beaubier, a.k.a. French-Canadian speedster Northstar, married his American boyfriend, Kyle Jinadu. Well, apparently even being able to zip around at the speed of sound can’t protect you from the fickle finger of DOMA: In Astonishing X-Men No. 56, immigration officials coming knocking on the Jinadu-Beaubiers’ door.

Northstar’s saved the world many times over but, because the federal government still doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages, he wasn’t granted American citizenship when he married Kyle. It’s not clear whether the incident is just a single reference, or if Jean-Paul’s immigration status will become part of a larger story arc, as both Kyle and the agents were soon knocked unconscious during an attack on New York.

Having a same-sex wedding in the comic-book world of the X-Men is nice. Grappling with unromantic issues like DOMA and immigration reform is downright Astonishing.

 h/t: Back2Stonewall