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Matthew Mitcham opens up about lying to his partner: “I haven’t been the best husband”

Husbands Luke Rutherford and Matthew Mitcham
Husbands Luke Rutherford and Matthew Mitcham (Photo: @matthewmitcham88)

Former Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham, 35, has been opening up about his relationship with his husband.

Mitcham is currently taking part in the TV reality show SAS Australia. Celebrities take part in a grueling round of challenges to test whether they’ve got what it takes to serve in an elite military regiment.

There are psychological as well as physical challenges. In the latest episode, they undertook a “setting fire to shame” test. They were asked to speak about something over which they felt shame, to help overcome feelings of trauma.

Mitcham has previously spoken candidly about overcoming substance abuse issues. He’s been clean and sober for over seven years. However, he said he still sometimes has trouble being completely honest with those closest to him.

“I am so ashamed of the immense pain I caused someone for 11 years and who stayed with me throughout my addiction.

“And even though I have been clean and sober for several years and that has been one of his absolute deciding factors, I still struggle to be completely honest with my husband.

“Honesty is not one of my core values ​​and I’m a liar”

Mitcham went on to explain that although he and his husband, Luke Rutherford, had an “understanding” regarding sex with other people, “I haven’t been the best husband. I’ve definitely caused a lot of pain and I still have a lot of shame for the lies and deception in my relationship.”

“I let my own insecurities, fears, and trust issues be bigger than a promise I made to him. And in doing so, I caused so much harm and serious damage to the relationship.

“So what I’m most ashamed to admit today is that I hurt the people who matter most to me because honesty is not one of my core values ​​and I’m a liar.”

SAS Australia Chief Instructor Ant Middleton asked Mitcham, “Are you worried that you could be a compulsive liar?”

“Maybe, yeah that would be a very shameful thing for me to admit,” Mitcham replied.

Mitcham married his British husband, Luke Rutherford, in 2020. They are based in London.

Rutherford has an OnlyFans account which has included erotic content. He also works as a massage therapist. Mitcham has also got his own OnlyFans, but it’s not explicitly sexual in nature.

Mitcham became the first out-gay man to win an Olympic gold medal when he took the 10m platform at the 2008 Beijing Games. In recent years, he’s explored a career as an actor. Last month, he made his British stage debut in the play Strangers In Between.

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