Max Emerson tests the boundaries of Instagram’s censorship policy

As you may have heard, Max Emerson is no stranger to flesh-baring and thirst trapping in all its various scantily-clad guises.

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#funFact: if the hotel gym is empty you don’t have wear a shirt.

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But one of his most recent snaps sheds light on a few nether regions we’d yet to see.

You can check out that too-hot-to-handle photo here.

And here’s a few more, just because we can:

Having #pride means never having no shame. ? @verygorgeous7 (link in bio)

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I miss @andrescamilo___ so here's a picture with him. ? @donlemoncnn

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Travel day. ? @danieljaems

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  • tham

    Well they say in Hollywood, the difference between a Porn Star and a Movie Star…pubic hair.

    It’s a shame that he felt it was necessary to cross that line.

    • Brian

      I’m just shocked that he even has pubes to show.

    • Alnbarthel

      why does it feel like so many replies are written by the religious right who think the body is dirty and carrying a gun is de rigueur?

    • buggtoxic

      Hahaha, what a delight that was to read you tham :D i’ll reuse that sentence now, it’s great, thank you. the difference between a porn “star” and movie “star”. Pure gold.

    • tham


      Not the religious right lol, Haven’t been to church since I was 8. It’s just sad to see a young person who is trying to be a…star…limit his possibilities.

      I’m sure down the road, society will get over their “No pubs in advertising or entertainment” and it could be because of this generations and their lack of…shyness.

      But unfortunately, thats still a ways away. Long enough that he won’t benefit from it.

  • mattachinepodcast

    Seriously, what is it with these thirsty Instagram “stars”. It’s getting tiresome.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      What is : don’t follow them or click on the articles about them?

    • Knight

      Matt I agree. I don’t have instagram, nor do I care about drooling over photos of guys (I actually have a quite active social life).

    • buggtoxic

      But don’t you see my dear mattachinepodcast ? The world is filled with idiocy and nowadays, gays are only interested in the flesh of some nice piece of meat to fantasise on, right ? aaah, quite yes, indeed, if the media only talks and show some “star” of an app, it’s because people want to see them and be aroused by their muscular body, sweat profusely and have a huge hard on tingling in their underwear ( if they wear one ).

      Yes…. let’s watch and only care about that, instead of paying attention of the decadent USA empire, let’s focus on what really matters like that handsome boy shirtless having fun with his cute puppy.. Aaaah, yes yes yeeees, we do not care about china tightening his world assets, and restricting even more liberties of its population; we do not care about conglomerates treating his employees like meat; Nor apple and ikea turning a blind on where, and how, they get their needed ressources; Nor the government transforming your police force into a full military massive force; nor about the problem of the rapid depletion of fossil fuels; nor about the fact that famine is on a rapid rise; nor about the fact that it’s impossible to limit le rise of the temperature to only 2 C° by the end of the century… Yeees, you see my dear mattachinepodcast, you’re asking a very intelligent question of whyyy we only see and hear about thoses persons.
      Because people only care for that nowaday. That, and stoopid social justice warrior. ;) enjooooy…

    • brionc29


      People who admire or enjoy looking at an Instagram post of a cute guy are not necessarily indisposed to care about local, national, and global concerns.

    • captainburrito

      @ buggtoxic

      Being concerned about those issues doesn’t require one to live like a monk. You came here and presumably still care about those issues.

  • Knight

    So, just curious; are you guys friends with this guy? I’ve never heard of him before, and he’s pretty much a nobody…unless he’s someone you’re interested in (i.e. famous for being famous). Because I don’t really see any other reason for this story. Yes, he showed a picture of his pubic hair. Wow. You can already see he’s hung like a gerbil in his many other pictures, so of course he’s not going to show his mini-schlong off, while he can still get away with photoshop.

    • dean089

      He describes himself as an Instagram star and has over 800,000 followers. These days that makes a person a celebrity.

    • tham

      It is weird that he’s “selling sex” with no bulge in his crotch. He could be a grower but…he’s a bit of a Ken Doll in speedos.

      Funny thing, I would probably would assume he had a big one and thus think him of being “more sexy” if I never saw him in underwear/speedos.

      But alas, I’ve been with too many guys with Micropenis to even care to hope he has a grower.

  • Armiya

    Wow. Another shirtless “celebrity” in underwear or a Speedo style suit, showing off on Instageam. The gay hashtags are flooded with men doing this exact same thing, same dumb look on their face.

    Blows my mind that the writers and editors at this site consider themselves good at their jobs, considering they really don’t report on anyone or a situation, unless they look like this.

  • dean089

    At the same time he’s almost constantly posing nearly nude he’s also trying to be a freelance documentary producer or something. Any day now he’ll complain that he’s tired of being objectified and seen as nothing more than a piece of meat. Maybe he and Steve Grand can do a public service announcement about it — while wearing nothing but Speedos, of course.

  • deppa

    What, exactly, is wrong with him? How can anyone be that narcissistic? (Besides Kim Kardashian)

  • BriBri

    He’s totally adorable but I have my doubts he’s a VIRGIN. Is he narcissistic? He’s making a living as an influencer, bravo for him! You only with YOU could too.

    • BriBri


  • Onry1

    There’s a HUGE difference between having no shame and being decent…

    • Horse Lips

      You may not realize this, but people can have no shame AND be decent.

  • Horse Lips

    Seems most of the people commenting here need to lighten up. Go outside. Smile more. Life is great. There’s really no need for all the hate.

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