Meet the yogi who specializes in all-male naked yoga classes for gay and bisexual guys

Dan Carter is the owner of Danimal Yoga in Washington, D.C., where he recently began leading all-male naked yoga classes geared towards gay and bisexual men.

Why? Why not?! Yoga’s great and being naked is fun!

“I think that moment we take off our clothes is so pivotal to the entire class,” Carter tells his local ABC news station.

“I like to thank everything, even if it’s not alive. So I fold my clothes up into little squares and say thank you for keeping me warm. Then I go to my mat, and I just sit with my body for a moment.”

Each naked yoga class brings in between 15-25 male students of all ages and backgrounds.

“It is a group of primarily gay and bisexual men,” Carter explains, though he hopes to one day offer co-ed naked yoga classes.

“I have students who are 20 years old, and I have students who are 80 years old. All body types and all racial backgrounds. None of that matters when you walk into the room. You just are who you are.”

After disrobing, the men begin with some light stretching and breathing exercises.

Then it’s bare-asses-up-in-the-air time.

Warrior pose. Triangle pose. Downward facing dog. You name it. They do it all, and they do it completely naked.

When asked how he responds to critics of his naked yoga classes, Carter had this to say: “I would say shut your curtains, take off your clothes, thank them and do a little naked yoga on your own.”

He continues, “Just notice if you can hear things in your body that you have never done before and then if you’re curious–give me a call, and I can hook you up from there.”


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