Gay Secret Agent 009

Meet Jayson Bend 009, The World’s First Gay Secret Agent

Davis croppedThe Iris Prize Festival, an annual gay film festival in Cardiff, UK, has announced its opening film.

And what a film it is! Meet Jayson Bend, the world’s first gay secret agent…

The full-length feature film, Jayson Bend: Queen and Country, follows the handsome Agent Bend as he uncovers an evil plot by a hair product tycoon.

Agent Bend is played by London-based Canadian actor, Davis Brooks – we’ve done a bit of digging and found some pictures of his totally hot bod. Let’s hope there are some ‘action’ scenes in the movie!

The Iris Prize Festival is unique in that it’s the only festival of its kind to allow the festival winner to make a new film, with £25,000 ($41,600) toward production costs.

The festival isn’t until October, but here’s the trailer to keep you going until then:

Here are some more shots of Davis Brooks/Jayson Bend in action…






Here he is a bit naked during a recent stage show!




Matt Carter, who directed the film said: “I’m delighted and thrilled that Jayson Bend: Queen and Country has been chosen as the opening film for the prestigious Iris Prize Festival. It’s wonderful that all the hard work put into making the film has paid off. October is looking to be an exciting month!”

You can follow developments surrounding the film on their Facebook page