Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine: I’m A Christian And I’m Against Gay Marriage

Generally, we assume aging heavy-metal rockers are too busy banging groupies young enough to be their daughters to weigh in on the issue of marriage equality. But during an interview Sunday on Seattle’s KIRO 97.3,  Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine (right) was asked if he supported same-sex marriage, which were recently legalized in Washington State.

His reply: “Well, since I’m not gay, the answer to that would be no.” When asked if he supported legislation to legalize marriage between two men, he responded “I’m Christian. The answer to that would be no.”

We’re sorry—we didn’t realize the guy who has albums called KIlling is My Business… and Business is Good, Rust in Peace and Youthinasia was a devout Christian.

This isn’t Mustaine’s first stab at anti-gay rhetoric: In 1988, he addressed the British government’s criticism of homosexuality, saying, “It says in the Bible that men should not lay with men like they lay with women. I mean I don’t wanna f**k up and not go to heaven.”

Actually, that kind of argument—thinking how someone else leads their life will impact yours—makes Mustaine sound just like a “Christian.”

Photo: Ingo Hoffman, Bizu

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  • Tim

    “I’m Christian” is the convenient answer for people who are too lazy, or stupid,
    to think.

  • DenverBarbie

    It’s cool because we’ve got Rob Halford. And Judas Preist is way better.

  • ChristopherM

    Oh no! We’ve lost the irrelevant 80s junkie relic vote! What shall we do?!

  • dsp

    I am not a christian and I approve of marriage equality but disapprove of bigotry, homophobia, racism, hate and am against Dave Mustaine.

  • dsp

    Oh and to Dave Mustaine @If your against gay marriage, don’t mary a dude, DUDE!

  • Darling Nikki

    He’s still smarting from his divorce with James Hetfield, the love of his life.

  • Josh in OR

    When, oh WHEN will we finally be rid of all of these hypocrites using Jesus to excuse ignorance and hate? I cannot WAIT until the day Christianity finally just…implodes. I just hope it happens in my lifetime.

  • Larry

    too bad he will already be dead and never realize there is no heaven

  • Allen D.

    Damnit. I really like a few of his albums (and I think “Rust in Peace” and “Youthanasia” are absolutely flawless discs).

    What a dickhead.

  • William

    This is the definition of ignorance.

    He gives a single note (No pun intended) reply that does the question no justice.

    “No, I’m a christian”. No one asked you about your religion. You were asked if your fellow American deserves the same dignity and respect that you do.

    Obviously he doesn’t, I’m sure God loves how you feel about your neighbor.

  • Tiger

    If you’re against gay marriage, DON’T GET ONE!

  • GeoG

    What an ARSOLE!!!

  • iDavid

    He’s WRONG about the Bible. It, whatever or whoever was playing god that day, was writing about str8 married men “not lying w men as w women”. Twas a biggie problem back then. Kinda sorta like today ala Ted Haggard et al lol. There isn’t one vs in the Bible that talks about mos and their rel.

  • Blahqula

    @Darling Nikki: He’s still smarting from his divorce with James Hetfield, the love of his life.

    So close to the quick: you realize we’re going into the true queer/straight gray area of Hets in power? BDSM being what it is and gratuitous Metallica puns aside, I think they dropped him from Metallica at 6 am at a warehouse in the Bowery or somesuch? He’s been smarting/reliving the exctasy ever since, hasn’t he? Cliff pissed on him to wake his hungover ass, and handed him a plane ticket too I heard. But alas, he took the real story to the grave. So what you say? Well, yeah….of course you do, I’ve just been around awhile is all.

  • kendoll

    LOL, even the dude that plays the drug dealing cocksucer on True Blood has to come out with that ‘I’m a christian’ just in case anyone gets the wrong idea that in real life he ain’t no cock sucking drug dealer. Sure bro’ we was thinkin you be a big ol’ cock sucker. Sheesh. Christians are gettin’ real old with their shit.

  • rhenaiya

    Dave, I used to like your band. You used to represent rebellion and strength and now it feels phony and I see you’re a poser. I think anyone who can rationalize the concept of a substandard class of human beings who are undeserving of all the same rights and opportunities everyone else enjoys and call themself christian is not only a poser, but also a fucking dickhead. Metal is about saying fuck you to authority, not praying to it. lol “boy,your soul better belong to jesus, mmmhmmm cuz your ass belongs to me”, you wrote that right Dave? Ya, you’re christian.

  • mike

    just another burnt out drug head………..who cares what he has to say

  • phoenix

    As previously pointed out, Judas Priest are far superior and Rob Halford is gay. All this means is that I have an *extra* reason not to listen to Megadeth, which isn’t a huge loss as I’ve never been a big fan. There’s a lot of far better Metal out there.

  • Geoff B

    I’m huge into heavy metal, and I can honestly say I haven’t given this band a second thought since the mid 90’s. There are plenty of bands in this genre who are very appreciative of their gays fans. Ozzy, Judas Priest, Rob Zombie, and Kittie immediately come to mind. Fuck Megadeth, bunch of has beens.

  • david

    I grew up on Megadeth so it’s a bit disheartening to hear Dave say this. Rust In Peace is one of the greatest guitar albums ever in my opinion. That being said, Megadeth hasn’t been relevant for 10 years and he dropped his heroin addiction and replaced it with an addiction to Jesus, so it’s not really that surprising….

  • Oh, ok.

    We need to go into these white churches and educate them on homosexuality. White homophobia is out of control and they’re taking away our rights!

  • Bab

    Dave is so obviously a lesbian in denial…

  • Darling Nikki

    Mustaine has always been a whiny bitch. And before they made it, when they slept together in an abandoned warehouse in NYC (when they allegedly fired Mustaine and sent him back to Cali) you know some shyte had to have gone down…..

  • Queer Supremacist

    That’s okay. I’m Jewish and I think heavy metal is noise pollution.

  • MikeE

    @Queer Supremacist: that’s ok, I’m a Christian, and a musician, and KNOW that heavy metal is noise pollution.

  • Dave Roumayeh

    I’m christian and proudly gay. What’s wrong with some people!

  • Ted

    Fuck you guys, heavy metal ain’t noise pollution. That said, Mustaine’s comments certainly are.

  • Treph

    Dave Mustane became a chirstian after his time in rehab. He wasn’t always a chirstian so to speak. I’m not defending him or gays. I believe in gay marriage and I still listen to megadeth. I realize that people has beliefs and opinion. He being honest to what he believes. At the very least respect that. It’s not like them neo nazi who believe if your gay your not human and desevers to die. he just say he doesn’t believe in gay marriage. So what really?

  • Luiana

    James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine made love? Or was it Dave and Cliff?
    I wonder if Dave or James was the girl. Probably Dave, thats why he is so hurt.

  • Fletch

    Good for you Dave.
    I see that the European Court of Human Rights has just ruled that gay marriage is NOT a “human right”. And how can it be?

  • Dexter

    The time is coming. Did you create sex? Did you create anything? Then, who the H… you think you´re to say what´s right or wrong?. Repent your sins before is too late.

  • Patrick

    He is a Christian who is against gay marriage because the Bible condemns homosexuality.

    This is news to anyone?

  • Hatfield

    I was going to try to debate but I was once told, never argue with idiots, they just bring you down to their level and smash you with their experience. Ignorant people only go from one or two quotes instead of looking into the entire story… He has a right to his opinion just as much as you do.

  • Joe

    Oh my goodness, how dare Dave be an American and have an opinion. Shut your mouths you sorry bastards!

  • Mandudechickdudeman

    Although I do not agree with his view on gay marriage , he has a right to his opinion as well. :’P

  • Tony Scott

    Way to go Dave! I love Megadeth & I love that Dave has become born again & he has grown up & knows about true love, forgiveness & the truth. Dave is right about what the bible says, he’s not saying he hates gays & I don’t hate gays or anyone. Anyone that is a true Christian understands this truth, we’re all “blind” before we are saved & when you become saved, then only you can see & understand. We’re all human & in this life we’ll err & make mistakes, but all can be forgiven. Dave may have had many sins in his past, but we all do & we can be wrapped up in sins & some really bad destructive sins, but Dave has found forgiveness & freedom & the chains of his past are destroyed. Give Dave a break….much love to all!

  • iDavid

    @Tony Scott

    unfortunately christianity and the Bible is based on a renegade demonic god. even killing the savior jesus. This demonic god will stop at nothing to suppress or even kill gays lesbians women blacks Indians pagans and anyone that doesn’t bow to his torturous murderous Jewish ways. unfortunately jesus is the jewel in a crown shrouded in death. christians are a suffering confused lot because of this. but help is here and the first thing to do is get rid of this fake monster of a jewish god so purist christians can breath freely and follow only the teachings of jesus christ, one of many sons of god as he tried to teach but was killed for. By god. Very very sick religious doctrine. it ravages all of society at all times, and fools Christians into salvation. Jesus saves, god kills, confusion rules. Who wins? Think again.

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