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Megyn Kelly says trans people are practicing “conversion therapy” on gay people

Radio host and former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly has launched her latest head-scratching attack on the LGBTQ community. During a recent edition of her podcast, she claimed that transgender people are forcing young, gay men into conversion therapy.

Kelly, of course, is no stranger to attacking queer people, especially transgender folks. She’s previously likened trans children taking puberty blockers to child abuse, labeled queer people “lunatics” and attacked activist Padma Lakshmi for urging parents to accept their LGBTQ children. Kelly also blamed “gay men” for the lousy ratings of her NBC morning show which met with swift cancellation.

Now Kelly has sunk to yet another low.

During a conversation with conservative media host Steven Crowder last week, Kelly along with her guest proceeded to attack transgender athletes, before making an even weirder claim.

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“The crazy trans activists are so vicious and they’re basically kind of doing conversion therapy on young gay men — instead of you’re not gay, you’re trans, you’re secretly a girl,” Kelly said.

Crowder then went on to question why transgender people are even considered part of the queer community. Kelly also agreed.

“The interests aren’t necessarily aligned,” Kelly said. The host then asserted that her “gay and lesbian friends” who have said they “don’t understand why the T is at the end of LGBT.” She then went on to attack LGBTQ rights org GLAAD for defending trans people, claiming the group had “lost the real scope of its original mission.”

Maybe it goes without saying, but Kelly and Crowder both made several other false claims about the “grooming” of young children to become transgender adults.

Of course, given Kelly’s latest idiocy, Twitter has issued some harsh rebukes…

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