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Melania’s latest grift includes $60,000 spent on fashion “strategy consulting” and “special projects”

Ever wonder how Melania Trump affords her expensive designer threads when her husband is over $1.3 billion it debt and she doesn’t actually have a job? Well, we now have an answer!

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According to a new report published by USA Today, Donald Trump‘s Save America PAC shoveled out tens of thousands of dollars to pay for a “fashion consultant” for Mrs. Trump between April and June of this year alone.

Fashion professional Hervé Pierre Braillard received four payments, totaling roughly $60,000, for what was described as “strategy consulting” without any further explanation as to what that means.

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When asked why donor money that was supposed to go towards the legal fight over the 2020 election that the ex-president still insists was “stolen” from him was instead used to pay for Melania’s stylist, Save America spokesperson Taylor Budowich said, “Mr. Pierre serves as a senior advisor to Save America, involved in event management and special projects.”

“Special projects”, got it!

To date, Save America has raised more than $100 million since it was registered in November 2020.

Michael Beckel of the political reform group Issue One tells USA Today,  “If you are going to a political function and trying to buy a new dress or a new tuxedo, that’s typically something that the FEC would say campaign funds should not be used for.”

He added, “So it really raises questions if leadership funds are being used to pay for something like a new dress or new clothing that campaign funds could not be used for legally.”

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