Michael Lucas Releases Video In Effort To Clear His Name In Airbnb Lawsuit



Adult film performer and producer Michael Lucas is on a crusade to prove that he absolutely, positively did not leave “urine, semen and fecal matter” all over an Airbnb rental.

Last week, Lucas was slapped with a $30,000 lawsuit for allegedly trashing a nearly 100-year-old Spanish revival mansion in California during an August porn shoot, leaving behind bodily fluids, used enema kits, and dildos, according to property owner Kristina Knapic.

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“Plaintiff has not, and does not, rent the property for the purposes of filming adult pornographic movies,” the lawsuit read. “Such an image is not one plaintiff wants associated with her pristine home.”

But in an exclusive statement made to Queerty, Lucas denied the allegations, accusing Knapic of being a “professional extortionist” and claiming her “pristine home” isn’t nearly as pristine as she’d like people to believe.

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“Here’s the truth,” Lucas told us, “the house has a unique and unadvertised feature: a fairly well-equipped sex dungeon in the basement, complete with a
sex swing, whips, chains and miscellaneous bondage paraphernalia.”

But don’t just take his word for it. Lucas has uploaded video of the sex dungeon to YouTube, which he says is complete with a sex swing, whips, chains and other “weird dungeon-y shit.”

See the video below.

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