Michael Sam Gets Shirtless, Down And Dirty In Gay Bar

Newly Out All-American Football player (and likely NFL draftee) Michael Sam has great moves on the football field. But be also has some pretty good moves on the dance floor of a gay bar, as proved in this video uncovered by TMZ Sports. The defensive lineman strips his shirt off and grinds against some accommodating ladies while Michael Jackson’s classic “Rock With You” is played at the SoCo nightclub in Columbia, Missouri last October, just a few months after he came out to his teammates.

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  • Mike

    I wish him luck, but that just gave the homophobic NFL even more jitters. Not looking too promising for him. It is what it is.

  • NG22

    Damn… He got a bawdy. You could also see the top and profile of his ass, and it is all happenin’.

    The double standards which are beginning to emerge are staggering. NFL players are notorious for clubbing. Some of them party so hard that they injure themselves (either by shooting their own foot like Plaxico Burress, or getting so drunk they do something stupid), do illegal drugs, hire prostitutes, create new baby mommas to complement their wives and girlfriends. NFL players are some of the wildest partiers in the damn country, and the NFL deals with all their mess in one way or another. So there will be those who try to turn this into ammunition, but it is so innocent. A guy with a hot body shows it off while dancing (with women, no less!) in a club. It’s just like, big deal.

  • litper

    Wow, he’s beautiful!

  • yaoming

    Dude’s an Adonis.

  • alterego1980

    @NG22: Exactly. What an innocent, fun moment! Anyone who tries to use this against him or against “gay culture” will be laughed at. Their teeth will leak of jealousy for sure.

  • Apparatus

    Umm, YUM. I approve of this.

    I would love to see people get angry now that he was dancing with a woman. Just try it. Nothing will please those types.

    And there’s nothing wrong or improper in this video. Do you have any idea how many NFL players take photos and videos of them by the pool wearing much less, or the beach, or with strippers, or half-naked selfies and so on.

    I say he should be able to be as free and gay as he wants to be, and if he can back it all up with moves on the field and results, then deal with it bigots.

    PS, dancing with drunk ladies in a gay bar is like a gay past time…yes? God knows I’ve done it too many times.

  • balehead

    And he’s packing too…

  • UWSguy

    love him even more

  • Bob LaBlah

    Oh well, he can always write a book about how to throw a very promising NFL career away. When the cards are stacked THAT high against you already, the LAST thing you do as a black gay prospect is go to a club and party with you shirt off and ass crack showing with a WHITE woman.

    Quit while you are ahead son. Get the position FIRST and then tell them to go get fucked.

  • MMDD

    So do newly out gay men ever bump and grind in gay bars with MEN??????

  • denvermtnbiker

    And I thought Colin Kaepernick was hot!!!

  • Cagnazzo82

    As much as I approve, I really, really wish he’d have waited till he got signed first.

    There’s too much opposition to him at the moment from the powers that be.

    He should worry about getting the contract first.

  • mz.sam

    An unfortunate reality in a CNN interview with Chris Kluwe, had said by Michael’s public gay admission has knocked his chances of a NFL draft down by multiple knotches by coaches and front office decision makers. Therefore, nothing has changed with major pro sports.

  • that_dude247

    I’m a little jealous of his body.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I think he’s brave to do it before the draft but I also think that if he’s undrafted or drafted well below his talent and reputation would justify it will be an obvious reflection of the NFL being all talk and no action when it comes to open gay men amongst their numbers.

  • rugbyguy773

    He’ll get drafted high and hopefully by a team like my Chicago Bears, who need a talented defensive player. This past season, all our straight “pro” players played like amateurs. Plus, he’d have one of most gay friendly cities in the world as his backdrop.

  • ppp111

    He could be at church and training guide dogs and bigots will still have problems with him. At this moment, I don’t think it matters what he does.

  • mydude

    @Bob LaBlah:

    I think you’re thinking is a few years behind. He’ll be fine.


    So agree. He’s a free agent. He’s getting drafted no matter what, so we’ll see.

  • Mezaien

    How I wish he could be my man WOW man you are steamy hot.

  • dougmc92

    he keeps kissing women- how do we know that’s a gay bar?????

  • ShowMeGuy

    This is hysterical. Soco club is known for their music being so damn loud that you can’t stand to be in the dance room…blood will pour from your ears….and you have to keep your shirt on. So this must have been from Homecoming weekend…and in Columbia, straight people go to the “gay club” with their gay friends and gay people go to the “straight clubs” with their straight friends…..so to see ANYONE particular at the “gay bar” doesn’t mean anything in this burg. There are nights there are more straight people at the gay bar than gay people.

  • Kangol

    He is soooo hot. Do it, brothaman! NFL, you better be ready for this specimen!

  • bottom72

    Ohhhhhhhhhh God I want him in me.

  • sportyguy1983

    And of course all that the gays care about is how he looks and not the talent he has on the football field. So sad!

  • jwrappaport

    @sportyguy1983: Correct. I have less than zero interest in the world of professional sports. What concerns me here is that Sam is breaking boundaries for us all and yes, that he is quite simply Apollo reborn with a body worthy of classical statuary. How is this sad?

  • Kangol


    Generalize much? I love that he’s a talented football player (football being a dangerous, brain-damaging sport at the college and pro levels), but I also appreciate that he is an attractive man. I’m gay, most of us on this comment thread are gay or bi, so deal with it!

  • tdx3fan

    The question is rather this video was taken before he made the big statement about coming out. This was after he came out to his team, but I believe before he actually came out. I wonder if TMZ had this inside scoop and he came out before they could out him.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @tdx3fan: I was wondering the same thing. When I learned that his teammates were whispering about his alleged affair with a swimmer I thought there might be a hidden video of a sexual encounter that he was being blackmailed with and he decided to come out.

  • sportyguy1983

    Gay men having zero interest in sports? What a shock. I wonder how any of the guys that “appreciate” his football talent know anything about football (beyond laughing at position names like tight end and wide receiver). It is a sad commentary that looks trump talent.

  • Niall

    Reading some of these comments, I’m guessing STRAIGHT NFL prospects never go clubbing?

  • MMDD

    @Niall: When they do, do they make out with GUYS in STRAIGHT bars?

  • ptseti

    good this is the reason HE came out and not waiting on YOU TMZ to tell the world.

  • enlightenone

    @MMDD: Disappointing! Where are the “lucky” GAY/BI guys getting their dance on with the all-black ROCK? That’s the optic I want to see!!! We see plenty of the “obligated” pretend of catering to screaming females whether it’s dancing, “Dancing With the Stars,” etc. or the Singing talent shows like “The Voice” and “American Idol.”

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