Mier-ed In Prejudice

The second Queerty heard that Harriet Miers had been nominated to the Supreme Court, we Googled. Her name, and “gay rights.” 310 hits, not a one without Harriet’s name together with a phrase like “Gay rights groups promise vigorous scrutiny of next justice.”

Harriet Miers

Yes or no; are gay rights the salient civil rights question of our era? Yes or no: even if gay rights were below importance to rebuilding levees and making the nation energy independent, would they still be essential?

What kind of a throwback nominates to the Supreme Court somebody who has not spoken in favor of gay rights at a time like this? Could it be the same W. who spoke in favor of amending the constitution to ban marriage for gay people? This Harriet lady did, after all, serve as a key legal advisor to Bush on legislation such as the anti-marriage amendment and the Marriage Protection Act. Pardon us, but we’d like to know where she stood. Wondering what you can do? Contact your Congress-people and Senators. Let them know you don’t want your rights Mier-ed in a retrogressive Supreme Court “justice.”

We can’t imagine why you’d want to look at a scripted Q&A with Harriet in which most of the Q’s begin “Congratulations to the Bush administration” but the farce is available here.