Mika’s New Look!

Perpetually sexually ambiguous Mika’s tamed his wild curls for a more refined appearance. The 24-year old singer tells Chic Report:

Being stylish is a happy accident! Fashion follows personal style. People dress the way they want to, make their style statements, whether you’re a designer or someone walking down the street. Fashion follows that, it’s a reaction to trend, and style follows it. You have to be yourself. A lot of artists look identical and just expensive, but I want to look timeless!

Thus, he’s channeled the tried and true style generations of men. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, just not terribly original. Still fetching, though…

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  • mozzer13

    Does this mean he’s versatile?

  • faghag

    ambiguous my arse, he’s a mo.
    not liking the new look , he’s way cuter with the curls.

  • MatthewScott

    I second that. WAY cuter with the curls. With hair like that, if you got it, show it!

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    We think this gorgeous homosexual looks better with long hair.

    And we LOVE her c****-sucking lips!

  • SeaFlood

    Boring and predictable and like everyone else… BORING.

    He was sexy before with the wild curls framing his sexy face.

    … and ambiguous my ass, too. However, I ain’t claiming him as a ‘mo until he can be proud of it. It’s in that no man’s land of senators and self-proclaimed closet cases.

  • afrolito

    Why should anyone be proud of their sexuality?? As far as the new hair goes, I love it. The curls were great, but i’m loving the slick new look. He’s a gorgeous man either way.

  • joe to hell

    i agree with #2

    ambiguous is the LAST word to describe this lady

  • oklahomo

    Peter Patrelli (from Heroes)

  • parisinla

    i think he looked better before.

  • Jonathan

    he’s as gorgeous as his music….J

  • anon

    Give him a break! He’s a good looking man, his hair is just his topping. I think he looks gorgeous no matter what. I mean everyone is allowed to change a little or we’d have a very boring world.
    He’s still Mika, curls or no curls!

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