What A Pitti: Leather-And-Lacing Up Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Pitti Uomo, the men’s fashion showcase in Milan, brought out some of the biggest names in fashion and befitting a superstar roster, designers decided to go big or go Uomo.

Luxurious furs, voluminous capes, lustrous fabrics and outsized proportions were a few of the hallmarks of the fall 2013 season in Milan, as embodied by some of these high-powered, high fashion brands.

Prada went deceptively simple, but amped up the wattage with a palette rendered in Technicolor.


Vivienne Westwood referenced ninja-chic, though there’s nothing stealth about these patterns.


Perhaps taking a note from the Lady Westwood’s punk origins, Marc Jacobs mixed 50s rockabilly with 70s punk rock…


Safety pins and all.


Fendi no doubt upset PETA with its opulent use of fur — models were literally covered from head to toe in fur, from coats to boots to bags…


And even fanny packs.


The G in Gucci stood for gentleman, with a covetable collection for the suavest of men.


Donatella Versace took a masculine-themed  time warp, from Gatsbyan dress suits…


To the early 90s decadence her brother Gianni did so well…


And even threw in some lace lingerie for kicks. While frilly, lace-trimmed boxers may not be for every man, they sure do cut an…intriguing figure.


Thom Browne continued to turn menswear on its ear for Moncler Gamme Bleu, taking his fall collection to the Scottish Highlands…


With the weapons and warrior paint, one expected the models to go all Duncan MacLeod on each other. There can only be one!


Dsquared² jazzed it up, 30s style, and refreshingly cast all black models…


Adding some much-needed and dashing diversity to Milan.


Dolce & Gabbana chose 82 men and boys from the streets and had them storm the runway at the end of their show, donning the Virgin Mother.


Hail Mary, giving face.


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  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Can anyone explain why the Thom Browne models, sporting Scottish Highland garb, have French flags painted on their faces?

  • MikeE

    @The Real Mike in Asheville: They don’t. If anything, those are Yugoslavian flags. The French flag has vertical blue, white, and red.

  • ncman

    Wouldn’t clothes look better if the models looked like they were the least bit happy to be wearing them, by smiling? Although, after seeing these designs, I guess I can understand why they have those “looks” on their faces.

  • Charlie in Charge

    @ncman: No, it’s not a pageant.

  • adam madam

    hideously ugly clothes, made for people with too much money, worn by models who would look angelic in anything. why people don’t burst out laughing at every model on the runway is beyond me.

  • Dawster

    @adam madam: Simply put, it’s because it’s an art show displaying colors, patterns, textiles, and form displayed in a method a designer chooses to express himself while still holding to the basic principles of balance with cohesiveness many artists and writers struggle with in every art piece they create. Chances are no one else on the planet will wear these particular clothes – so they are not “made for” anyone… they are made to be shown.

    Your argument (pithy as it was) would be better suited for a ready-to-wear fashion show.

  • Scribe38

    @ncman: Would you be happy wearing that crap?!? I think there was only one jacket that I would have been tempted to try on.

  • adam madam

    @dawster: thanks, sincerely, for schooling me. eloquently, too.

    that still doesn’t explain why the clothes shown here are consistently, hideously ugly.

    hat-tip for the pithiness, though.

  • heydavis

    Next year, they might as well resurrect the polyester “leisure suits” from the 1970’s. They couldn’t be any uglier than these absurd collections, and at least had plenty of pockets.

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