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Model Frank Edward Presents Spring 2015, Powered By Pastel Underwear

Pastel2Pastel pairs of underwear are like the secret Easter eggs of your underwear drawer, or not-so-secret if you realize their potential. Men usually break out the pastels during spring before replacing them with sportier, bolder colors in the summer. But the soft glow of pastel colors are worthy of wear during more than a single season. Wear them in summer and they can read as light and refreshing. Wear them in winter, and the warm colors can shiver with a little chill. Just don’t wear them in fall, that gets more difficult to pull off.

If anyone could, it would be Frank Edward. The pastel underwear he models in this stunning Jerrad Matthew exclusive shoot are made to look irresistible. Jor’s brief is a bright lime green, and white letters around the waistband only make it lighter. Papi, on the other hand, provides one of the darker looks from their new Summer Mirage Collection. The purple ombre design only fades to white near the pouch for a dramatic dark-to-light effect.

Sly’s Blow My Trumpet Undieform could be the most dramatic look featured. The asymetrical design lives and breathes to be funky and fresh. Mundo Unico decides to be brighter and more upbeat with yellow and blue contrasts.

You can see more of this photo shoot on The Underwear Expert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert