Musical Notes


A few days ago we posted the video for Scissor Sisters‘ new single, “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’,” and received this comment from a reader named Matt:

This blog is where I first heard mention of the Scissor Sisters. This is the first time I have heard their music or seen one of their videos. Didn’t this form of music go out in the 80’s? Please tell me that they are big overseas and not here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

While we like the idea of a good scoop, we can’t take credit for Scissor Sisters. It may surprise Matt to hear that they’ve been around for over two years and are, in fact, quite popular with massive amounts of people the world over. We’ll chalk his confusion up to youthful ignorance. He can help redeem himself by running out on September 26th to buy their new album, Ta-Dah.

Their new projects delves deeper into the world of musical mastery. While we absolutely adored their first album, Ta-Dah boasts a more adult and dare we say smarter sound. You’ve already heard “I Dont Feel Like Dancing,” their contradictorily entitled dance single, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Drawing on an older cabaret sound without all the faggorty, “I Can’t Decide” draws a tight, wry smile as lead-singer Jake Shears ponders the ways of the loner heart.

With rock-steady guitar rifts and reliable drums, “Lights” brings the group’s signature blend of wit and grime. Who can resist a lyric like, “I ain’t got nothing but your seed on my face/ You’ll put them babies to waste without your finger in the pie”?

Through and through, Ta-Dah entertains with equal amounts of irreverence as ingenuity: two traits lacking in many of today’s musical offerings. A melange of genres, the album screams “Scissor Sisters” in all the most original ways. Start saving your pennies and shining your dancing shoes, kiddies, because you’re gonna want to get out, get up, and get busy. (We suddenly sound like our grandfather. Oy!)

If you missed the video, check it out: Scissor Sisters Video