Must Go Party, 11/5 in Austin

Talk about a white party!

The city of Austin has granted permission for the KKK to hold an anti-gay rally November 5, on the south plaza of the city hall.

White Party

The KKK, Kooky Kunts in Kostume, are known for their poetic irony. For instance, their web site home page says that they are “Proclaiming a message of hope and deliverance for white Christian America.” A Jew interviewed at random on the streets of Manhattan first thanked Madonna for popularizing the Kabala and then asked “What am I, chopped liver?”

Meanwhile, to prepare for the November 5 white party, you can go to the Kooky Kunts on-line store. They have books demonstrating incontrovertibly that Charles Darwin was an utter nincompoop, and tastefully appliquéd t-shirts that will have you burning your Dolce and Gabbana. Those of you who disagree with Queerty’s pro-Kooky Kunts stance may go to the American Family Association website to send them an FU valentine.