Close Knit

The mystery behind what Tom Daley was knitting at the Olympics has now been solved

Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley went viral last weekend after cameras caught him knitting a sweater during the 3m Women’s Final. As it turns out, he was knitting the garment for a very special female.

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After photos and video footage of Daley knitting went viral, the athlete–who took home the gold in Men’s synchronized 10m platform diving last month–took to Instagram to comment on his newfound hobby.

“Knitting has become my way of finding calm, mindfulness, and relieves stress! I love it!” Daley wrote. He also now maintains an Instagram account for all his newly knitted wares, including a cozy for his new medal, at @madewithlovebytomdaley.

As for the identity of the lucky lady for whom Daley had started another project, the diver revealed that the sweater in question was actually a jumper intended for Izzy the Frenchie, a popular French Bulldog with 1 million followers on Instagram.

“Sooo excited!! Did everyone catch #goldmedalist @tomdaley making my jumper at the @olympics?” Izzy (or her wrangler, we’re guessing) posted to Instagram.

We’re sure Izzy will look great in the new romper, which Daley knitted in pink with white cuffs. And, for once, we can say without fear of accusations of misogyny, she’s one lucky bitch.

Scroll down for pics from both Tom and Izzy’s Instagram pages…