Naff Blasts Dean

Duck and cover! The claws are definitely coming out in the DNC v. Washington Blade battle.

Tensions have been building for months, ever since the Blade began writing unflattering pieces regarding Donald Hitchcock’s discrimination suit against the Democratic National Committee. Things only got worse last week when a testifying Howard Dean took some swipes at the paper and compared its reporting to that of Fox News. Ouch.

Blade editor Kevin Naff says he didn’t want to get personal, but Dean’s left him no option:

It is irresponsible of Dean to question the paper’s credibility without offering any specific claims of inaccurate reporting. I challenge him to produce examples of how the paper was “incorrect” in its reporting… Why are party officials, including Dean, so dismissive and critical of the gay press? It’s unfortunate that Dean and his staff have avoided responding to questions that are so important to such a loyal party constituency.

Oh, please, what else are we homos going to do? Vote Republican? Some would rather die – and the Demmies know it.