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Naturally, people have a LOT to say about the d*ck exploding nude scene in this week’s episode of ‘Gen V’

Image Credit: ‘Gen V,’ Prime Video

Bloody and bawdy superhero series The Boys has always had a knack for over-the-top sex scenes that get people talking, so it should be no surprise that its spin-off is following suit.

From the people that brought you a superhero orgy, a man shrinking small enough that he can walk into his partner’s penis, and human-on-octopus sex, comes a new scene so brazen and bold it’ll blow your… mind.

To back up a bit: Set within the wild world of The Boys, Gen V takes place at Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, a preparatory academy for superheroes (“supes”) in training, backed by Vought International—a big, greedy corporation that funds supes for its own nefarious purposes.

At Godolkin, we meet a new, younger cast of heroes—and villains—led by The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina‘s Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau, a powerful supe with the ability to “bend blood.”

In fact, basically every character we meet has a hyper-specific ability that sounds like a curse more than it does a superpower.

For instance, Marie’s roomie Emma (Lizzie Broadway) can grow when she binges and shrink when she purges. Another student, Jordan Li, can transition at will and is played by two different actors (London Thor and Derek Luh), which opens the door to some pretty heady discussions about gender and sexuality.

As you might imagine, Gen V has a lot of twisted fun showing us how all of these powers manifest, which brings us to a moment that you’ll have to see to believe.

*Spoilers ahead for Gen V, up through episode four, “The Whole Truth.”*

When Emma is sent on a secret recon mission, Marie takes it upon herself to uncover her whereabouts. With few leads, she turns to someone who might be able to help—with a cost: The sleazy Rufus (Supernatural‘s Alexander Calvert), who has psychic abilities.

Rufus manages to use his powers to make Marie lose consciousness, and she comes to locked in his room. Standing right in front of her with his robe open and schlong on full display, Rufus thinks he can get some action for helping Marie out.

But he just messed with the wrong supe…

Image Credit: ‘Gen V,’ Prime Video

Without even thinking, Marie uses her powers to engorge his penis with blood, and Gen V actually has the balls (pun intended) to show us little Rufus, Jr. ballooning to a dangerous size. He grabs it out of panic, but its enough pressure to make the thing explode, and blood splatters across the room.

Suffice it to say, it’s a lot to watch—and it definitely bring whole new meaning to, “I’m about to bust!” (Sorry, sorry!)

Of course, it’s not the first time The Boys universe has gone about exploding d*cks. In that aforementioned shrinking man scene, when the supe is small enough to crawl inside his partner’s urethra, he sneezes which turns him back to full size, blowing up the pipe from within. But at least that time they had the decency to not show it in such detail.

Oh, and we hadn’t even mentioned the nude scene in the premiere episode, in which Emma shrinks down to size so she can crawl all over a hook-ups private—which of course they show in full. Wild, wild stuff.

So, yeah, Gen V didn’t come to play. Even diehard fans of The Boys—who should know what kind of gross-out absurdity to expect by now—were shocked. Check out some of our favorite reactions to the scene below:

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