NC State Senator Forrester’s Fake Credentials: The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Dr. James Forrester, the lead sponsor behind North Carolina’s upcoming ballot measure to ban marriage equality, has been exposed as an intellectual fraud over the past few days: first by revealing on national radio that he has no idea how banning marriage equality “protects” marriage and then by claiming a fellowship in the American College of Preventive Medicine, even though the ACPM has never heard of him. Now it turns out that Forrester might also be lying about his membership with the Aerospace Medical Association and Christian Medical and Dental Association.

It also turns out that his wife (who spoke at a National Organization for Marriage rally) is also an anti-gay liar. She once wrote a column that embarrassed her conservative supporters by claiming that the average lifespan for homos is 39 and that no homo-loving culture ever lasted past one generation; both are completely unfounded claims, like much of her husband’s resume.

Can we start referring to Mr. and Mrs. Forrester as the Marcus and Michele Bachmann of the South?