Neal Boulton Abandons Genre, Just Like Genre Abandoned You!

Many of you haven’t been receiving your copies of Genre lately. Even after trying to rectify the situation. Something to do with dwindling cash flow at the magazine? That wasn’t what editor-in-chief Neal Boulton told us; he blamed it on a new printing company. Oh, sorry, that’s ex-editor-in-chief. Neal Boulton is gone.

Officially, he “quit.” Boulton, who’s famous for promoting the fuck out of himself — not necessarily a bad thing — spun his exit to Page Six as a story of betterment. By resigning from his post at Genre, Boulton says he can work on his book Sex Across America and work on his bisexual love site Because Neal is bisexual!

(He also famously orchestrated the ouster of then-editor Chris Chiompi in July 2007, pitching Window Media chief David Unger on revamping the magazine. The jury is out on whether that ever happened.)

Well. We wish him the best. If you’ve ever met Neal, you know he’s a chatty cathy type who, on the face of things, means no harm. Then again, we’ve heard our share of stories that depict him as quite the opposite. So let’s close this chapter on the straight-to-gay-to-bisexual now-former editor-in-chief and see where this path takes him. Ten bucks says it’s either a bathhouse or The Cock.