Neil Patrick Harris Is Not Himself

Neil Patrick Harris ain’t a fan of tricky “stunt casting,” but the handsome homo has a thing for magic tricks. The NY Times‘ “A Night Out With…” column follows Harris and friends to Los Angeles’ Magic Castle, where Harris proclaims another love: Scooby-Doo. Ain’t that adorable!?

The actor also wants to make sure the world knows he’s not a hooker-buying coke tooter.

…Harris was trying to distance himself from the character he plays in the “Harold & Kumar” movies – even though he plays himself.

To distinguish between Mr. Harris’s authentic and fictional selves, [friend Lori] Medlin pointed out that in real life Mr. Harris has never snorted cocaine off a woman’s behind. “Not this year!” chimed Mr. Harris and Ms. Baeling, in unison. Ba-dum-bum!

She was referring to one of Mr. Harris’s scenes in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, a 2004 dark comedy. In the sequel, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantánamo Bay, Mr. Harris brands a prostitute with his name while hallucinating on magic mushrooms.

We actually kind of wish NPH were like that. We homos need more bat shit crazy celebrities on our team. And, no, we don’t count Jim McGreevey.

[Image By Jonathan Alcorn]