Nepal Gay Group Fights For Iranian Queer Peers

Nepal’s Blue Diamond Society has called for the United Nations to admonish Iran for last week’s anti-gay raid. Malaysia Sun elaborates:

[BDS] sent an appeal to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, asking for his intervention to secure the freedom of 80 men arrested by Iranian security forces in Isfahan eight days ago.

Expressing deep concern at the crackdown in the conservative Islamic country, BDS said it had received information that the detainees had been severely tortured in Isfahan jail and were in a bad state. “Their lives are in danger…We ask your timely intervention to secure their early release.”

Blue Diamond Sociey’s a natural ally for gay Iranians, who face very public, increasingly brutal state-sponsored attacks. BDS remains Nepal’s singular gay rights organization and has repeatedly come up against the country’s Maoist government, which has a less than sparkling gay rights record.

It’s not all doom and gloom over in Nepal, however. The country celebrated its first gay beauty contest last night. Zee News reports that 18 cruised the catwalk last night to take win for the Pink Pageants’ top slot. We wonder if the contestants dropped into Nepal’s first and only openly gay-owned business, The Cutey Beauty Salon.