New Book Looks At Jesus’ Many Loves

The Christian right better stock up on paint, because they’ll definitely want to protest lesbian author Kittredge Cherry’s new title: Jesus in Love, the self-proclaimed first novel about a queer Christ.

Unlike Biblical scholars who examine scripture to find titillating texts of “His” homo love, Cherry’s account fictionalizes the alleged savior’s intimate relationships with disciple John, that old whore Mary Magdalene and the multi-gendered Holy Spirit.

Now, before you start thinking Cherry’s some sort of heretical iconoclast (a charge, no doubt, she’s bound to hear), let it be known that Cherry’s a practicing Christian whose website (also called Jesus in Love) indexes the increasingly crowded literary and artistic survey of Jesus’ queerness. Of her undoubtedly controversial text, Cherry says: “Christ’s story is for everyone. It’s okay to imagine yourself in the story of Jesus. He is all of us.” Apparently he’s into all of us, as well. And quite a slut, too…

(Image: Crucifixion of the Christ by Becki Jayne Harrelson)