Gay for pay

New tech company hopes to pay you to get off

How would you like to be paid to watch porn? Well, now you can!

Vice Industry Token is a new tech company that aims to help people get paid to get off.

The company is the brainchild of Stuart Duncan, who tells Gay Star News:

There are over 150,000 adult websites worldwide, through which customers can view porn. That’s a lot of producers, making content that is available for free. This is because the porn relies on ads on free content to support its revenue. Making porn easily copied, pirated and shared online.

The problem with having over 150,000 adult websites, Duncan says, is that there’s a lot crap floating around out there. And he hopes to change that.

How so?

Basically, he’s created his own form of virtual currency called Vice Tokens, or VIT coins. They’re kind of like Bitcoins, stored as bits of code on the internet, rather than as dollar bills in a bank vault.

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Duncan is encouraging people to watch tons and tons and tons of porn. For every like, comment, or share they give a video, they’ll receive a “fractional amount of Vice Tokens.”

The hope here is that people will “like” the good porn, thus weeding out the crap.

“Using blockchain technology, our new model ensures content producers get a reward for creating content,” Duncan explains. “Curators get a reward for identifying relevant content. But most significantly, viewers get a reward for watching porn.”

“You earn VIT tokens through the act of liking content. But eventually, you’ll be able to buy and sell VIT from and to each other.”

Duncan’s ultimate goal is for people to eventually trade in their Vice Tokens for cash, although he says that’s still a ways away.

In the meantime, they can use VIT tokens to buy a wide selection of other adult-focused products, including dirty magazines, adult toys, lube, porn, and private cam sessions.

Duncan believes is going to revolutionize porn.

“It rewards viewers for authentic attention,” he says, “and incentivizes producers and curators to develop high quality, engaging content for which viewers will be willing to pay real attention.”

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