New York GOP Chief Ed Cox: You’re Overreacting To Carl Paladino’s Bigotry

I almost missed this brilliant editorializing from Ed Cox, chairman of the New York Republican State Committee (and son-in-law of Dick Nixon), who’s rushing to the defense of struggling gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino: The man apologized, and we should all move on, because, like, jobs jobs jobs! How can anyone care what some candidate thinks about an entire class of constituents, Cox’s thinking goes, when we have such high unemployment rates to deal with! In unrelated news, unnamed Republican operatives are already planting hit jobs against Cox.

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  • Cam

    Really? Well then his party is overacting to DADT and DOMA, We’ll move on if THEY will.

  • peteNsfo

    “And we should all move on,” said the rich, white-guy, that never had to consider that he was moving through life in the USA with a VIP Card.

    Thanks for cumming, Chief Cocks.

  • Phil Boyd

    Of course, this from a man who enjoys horse cock shooting cum up his flabby asshole.

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