NH House To Vote On Marriage Repeal This Week. Gov Promises Veto

The New Hampshire Legislature is set to vote on repealing the state’s marriage-equality on Wednesday, the Boston Globe reports.

Back in October, the state’s House Judiciary Committee voted 11-6 to support HB 437, which would return the “Live Free or Die” state to civil unions. (Same-sex marriage passed in 2009 and officially became legal on January 1, 2010.)

The bill is being touted by state Rep. David Bates (R-Windham) but Bates’ past efforts at repeal have failed and even other Republicans have distanced themselves from it. NH Governor John Lynch (right)—who has said he’s personally against gay marriage—has promised to veto the bill if it go through.

Just to dig the knife in further, Bates wants an amendment to HB 437 that would ask the public to vote on whether they support killing marriage equality and bringing back civil unions. The result, however, would be non-binding.

“I am ready to accept the will of the people. Now let’s see if those on the other side of this debate will do the same,” Bates has told reporters about the referendum. “Or are the homosexual activists only interested in pushing through their own agenda without regard for the will of the people of this state?”

Right, so if the people of New Hampshire (59% of whom support same-sex marriage) vote to keep things the way they are, Mr. Bates and his cohorts will just pack up and go away? Or will they engage in a campaign of fear and disinformation to trick the electorate into voting their way? Hmm, we can’t help but wonder

Photo: Marc Nozell