NOM’s Latest Protest Draws A Whopping Eleven People


Can you believe the National Organization for Marriage still even exists? Of course, these days they’re mostly focused on trans bathroom policies and other countries, which makes them neither “National” nor “for Marriage.”

And now it looks like they aren’t even organized, either.

NOM just organized a rally at the Mexican embassy in Washington DC, a show of solidarity with anti-gay protesters in Mexico. Turnout in DC was … let’s say it was light. At one point there were five people, at another point it was eleven. Thirteen if you count babies.

If you’ve been following the latest gay-marriage news, you’ve probably heard that Mexico is deliberating whether or not to legalize marriage equality. There were some huge rallies last week against the freedom to marry; but it seems pretty clear from what just happened in DC that once the laws are changed, citizens lose interest pretty fast.

Brian Brown, who still runs NOM, wasn’t even present. That’s maybe a good thing, considering his track record at rallies — a few years ago, one of his public events took on a sinister tone when a white supremacy group called “The White Wolves” showed up.

But Brown did at least have time to put out a statement. “This truly represents a global pro-family movement that is underway,” he said, “and it is only going to continue growing in size and strength.”

Ha! Well, of course he’d say that it’s growing in size. If it got any smaller, it wouldn’t even exist.