NOM’s Oregon Screw-Up Defies Belief

Oregon_Timothy_HughesAnother huge victory for marriage! This time it’s Oregon, where Judge Michael McShane just ensured that NOM is going to have a really really really bad day.

Things were already going pretty poorly for them there. First, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum announced on February 20th that she wouldn’t defend the state’s marriage ban in court. NOM didn’t care for that one bit, and on the same day issued a press release condemning her.

NOM would eventually file a request to intervene in the case, but they waited two months to do so! Their request came just less than 48 hours before oral argument. They claimed that it took them so long because they didn’t know about Rosenblum’s stand until mid-March, but that doesn’t hold up since they issued that angry press release back in February.

So of course, McShane denied NOM’s request to intervene. He also smacked down their assertion that, as an openly gay judge, he shouldn’t be allowed to preside over the case.

All in all, a pretty grim time at the National Organization for Marriage headquarters. Ohhhhhh well.

And hey, we were so busy gloating about Oregon that we almost forgot about our big wins in Idaho and Arkansas! Marriage bans were overturned in both of those states, though licenses are currently on hold. There were a few brief windows of marriage in Arkansas, though, so equality had a brief moment of triumph in the south.

There’s more good news this week: AFER had a good day in court to defend its previous victory over Virginia’s marriage ban. And advocates in Pennsylvania argued for the repeal of that state’s ban. A ruling in both states is due any day now.

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  • Alton

    Fuck a bunch of NOM.

  • Mezaien

    @Alton: Don`t say “FUCK” on Queerty, they`ll block you like they have done to me many time before. After all they are D.E.K.C.U.F up white Christian as well. And GayCities supported Mitt Romney, in the last election.


    Maggot Gallagher, never got the message that obese unattractive women usually love the Gays (wait, maybe she somewhat did! She did marry Marcus after all :p)

    And Brian Brown has got to be the largest (in more ways than one) closet case in this nation…………..

    Them and their delusional hatefilled lunatics haven’t gotten the memo that the Equality Genie has been let out of the bottle and ain’t never gonna be put back in……………

  • petensfo

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: These fools have plenty of actions to be vilified, but why not leave their size out of it.


    @petensfo: Sorry when you dedicate miserable abhorrent your life to denying a minority equality, encouraging bullying against Gay teens, advocating violence and bigotry against a minority, you get no quarter from me….

    They are both as ugly and repulsive on the outside as they are on the inside and their morbidly obese bodies are matched by the overabundance of the hatred in their vile wicked souls………

  • Merv

    It wasn’t a screw-up on NOMs part. The pro-gay side had a ballot initiative in the works to repeal the anti-gay amendment in case the court challenge failed. NOM wanted to delay the court case long enough that the pro-gay side would run up against the deadline for ballot initiatives and be forced to submit signatures before the court case was decided.

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