Norman Reedus Would’ve “Rocked” That Gay Daryl Storyline On “The Walking Dead”

Rumors of Daryl Dixon’s homosexuality were (not-so) greatly exaggerated, but The Walking Dead‘s resident hillbilly badass could’ve been gay for all actor Norman Reedus cared.

On last night’s Conan, Reedus discussed how fans reacted once the rumor mill started churning:

I would go to these conventions, and you’d have these little kids — ‘Man, I don’t care what’s going on, you’re awesome!’ And then you’d have guys my age, or a bit older be like, ‘Uuuhhhhhhh.’ And then you’d have women, they were like, ‘You’d better not be!’ To tell you the truth, if that’s the story they gave me, I’d rock that story. I’m not afraid.

Well, co-star Steven Yeun told O’Brien last year that he’d be down for a Glenn/Daryl romance, so as long as we’ve got two willing actors, why not scandalize this post-zombie apocalyptic land with some good old-fashioned man-loving?

tumblr_m11ymu1bi51r7l90qThere’s at least already one gay couple to light the gay way.

twdgkCheck out Norman Reedus discussing Daryl’s sexuality on Conan:

Les Fabian Brathwaite, rocked by Norman Reedus.