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  • tjr101

    Don’t mean to be stereotypical, but it looks like Charlie Crist came out to the whole nation with that “pitch.”

  • willy

    Maybe he’s better at being a “catcher”

  • Mike in Asheville

    He throws like a girl. Hmmmm.

  • hf2hvit

    In the second pic he looks like the love child of Bea Arthur and Edward Everett Horton.

  • Michael

    You gotta know he spent at least a day in his back yard practicing before coming to the game. If this was the result, I’d hate to know how many windows he broke.

  • dvlaries

    Hey, for a man who uses words like “demured” in common conversation, it was a perfectly acceptable throw.

  • richardporter

    Hey, that’s how I throw a ball. Anyone got a problem with that?

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