Now You Can Have Sex To The Same Playlist As Channing Tatum

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.49.28 PMThe following is entirely unsubstantiated, but hey this ain’t the New York Times so we’ll push on full speed ahead.

When Sony suffered a major hack last month, one little-reported revelation were the e-mail handles of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

For instance, Jennifer Lawrence goes (or should we say went at this point) by peanbutt111@[REDACTED], you know, because she loves peanut butter. Cameron Diaz opted for the respectable cdllh69@[REDACTED].

Lovable bro Channing Tatum went for something a little more heady — PoeticalMotion@[REDACTED]. 

Well that led at least one internet sleuth to find a YouTube account with the same, fairly specific name — PoeticalMotion.

Defamer also notes that a Google+ account with the same name is friends with an account supposedly belonging to Foxcatcher co-star Mark Ruffalo.

Which can really only mean one thing, right? It is definitely maybe probably we’re not really sure but could be let’s just say it is Channing Tatum’s Youtube account. Miraculous!

But the real magic is housed within the “likes” of said account. It certainly looks like it could be Tatum based on things like this — Bare Knuckle Fight in Gym Class (PART 2). Hardcore.

And that brings us to a playlist called “Bedroom Magic,” a “2014 Sex Songs Mix.”

So if you want to get down to the same grooves as Channing, go ahead and lower the blinds, dim the lights, and hit play:

But then again, why would you want to get intimate to Chris Brown and Ludacris?