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Nude Housekeeper Thomas Cordero, Acquitted Of Killing Client, Vows To Find New Career

Didn’t Thomas Cordero, the “nude maid” from the Bronx, confess to killing client John Conley back in 2001 after he pulled a knife on his naked help? Yep, but that didn’t matter for Cordero’s jury, which yesterday acquitted the 41-year-old of decade-old murder charges when it rejected his confession and DNA evidence. Cordero, who’s been locked up since 2007, was set free after just two hours of deliberation, and a round of tears and “thank yous” could be heard coming from his direction. On the stand, Cordero recanted his confession — where he had told police, on tape, that he was hired on to clean Conley’s house and killed him in self-defense when Conley tried to rape and stab him. And now that Cordero is a free man, what’s he going to do about his means of earning a living? Change it. “This,” he says, “has made me rethink” the nude housekeeping thing.

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