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Nude Housekeeper Thomas Cordero, Acquitted Of Killing Client, Vows To Find New Career

Didn’t Thomas Cordero, the “nude maid” from the Bronx, confess to killing client John Conley back in 2001 after he pulled a knife on his naked help? Yep, but that didn’t matter for Cordero’s jury, which yesterday acquitted the 41-year-old of decade-old murder charges when it rejected his confession and DNA evidence. Cordero, who’s been locked up since 2007, was set free after just two hours of deliberation, and a round of tears and “thank yous” could be heard coming from his direction. On the stand, Cordero recanted his confession — where he had told police, on tape, that he was hired on to clean Conley’s house and killed him in self-defense when Conley tried to rape and stab him. And now that Cordero is a free man, what’s he going to do about his means of earning a living? Change it. “This,” he says, “has made me rethink” the nude housekeeping thing.

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  • Hyhybt

    Nothing to say yet, just posting to subscribe…

  • Charlie

    An older man… was going to rape and stab a young, buff guy… at knife point? Was there some kind of history of mental instability with the victim that gives any credence to that claim?

  • scott ny'er

    Ummm. Queerty/MAX SIMON forgot to copy this from the NYDailyNews article,

    “Testifying at his trial, Cordero recanted his confession, saying he never went to Conley’s apartment and that cold-case Detective Steven Berger coerced his admission. He also said he feared cops would sodomize him with a broomstick if he didn’t profess his guilt.”

    nor, did Queerty/MAX SIMON put in how one juror felt there wasn’t enough evidence.

    That’s some effed up reporting by Queerty/Max Simon. Very bias.

  • hmmm

    Is Cordero a ‘mo? He’s got them full kissable lips!

  • ForeverGay

    SEX FALLBACK. The jury is haterosexual, they have the exact prejucides as the haterosexual killer. Even though no evidence was shown that the victim flirted with him or even held a knife to him the haterosexual jurors believed everything the haterosexual killers said because in their minds gay + sex always equals bad. I just want to know why gay activists haven’t cast a light on how haterosexuals use the thought of sex to deny gay people rights and our existance.

  • NMV

    @hmmm: He’s just another of those DL guys from NYC.

  • t money

    @hmmmm, they are called DSL’s. dick sucking lips!

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