Obama’s DoJ: Lying In Court About What 2 Opponents to DADT Actually Said

So not only is Barack Obama‘s Justice Department, led by AG Eric Holder, still defending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in court, and not only is it relying on retired Gen. Colin Powell’s since revoked position on DADT, it’s also completely misrepresenting the statements of Palm Center director Aaron Belkin and senior fellow Nathaniel Frank.

On DoJ’s motion for summary judgment in the Log Cabin Republicans’ federal lawsuit Log Cabin v. United States, Belkin tells DC Agenda: “They completely misrepresented my statement in the deposition. They were not being truthful about my statement because they said that I claimed that there is a rational basis for the privacy arguments, and I claimed no such thing.”

Well that’s reassuring.

(Also: DoJ’s motion, in referencing the people LCR has issuing opinions about gays in the military, refers to them as “experts” — in quotation marks. As if to throw up a bunch of air quotes questioning their legitimacy. Which, hey, only we get to do.)